Recent Creations

His Image

I created this as a reminder and response to the tensions and disunity we are experiencing, and have been experiencing since the beginning. The stories of our inhumanity to man ebb and flow, but this is constant and was put in place before we defiled ourselves with hate and injustice.

Beauty is All Around

This was intended to herald the transition into spring, but I wanted to make it applicable to multiple areas instead of sequestered to a specific season. Beauty does not always look like we think it should or like it has in past instances. I wanted to convey the idea that “pretty” is different for everyone and that beauty can even be the progression itself

Creative Knight Podcast Logo

My perimeters were to design a logo that fell on the fun-loving side, used the colors purple & green, and included the name of the podcast. The customer also mentioned that they wanted the logo to portray the audio aspect of the podcast, so the heralding trumpet was included.

2020 Vision

Setting goals is easy. Follow-through? Not so much. Stay the course…never give up.

This top artwork has been on my mind for a while. I’ve always liked the idea of a massive “splat” of watercolor because the colors overlap, meld together, and spread of their own accord.

It’s like life, really. One big ball of you can bind together different areas that, on their own are okay, but together ooze into a beautiful mess of individuality.

Splat away.