Welcome! My name is Rebeka and I do art things. While this page is primarily dedicated to showcase my graphic design work, I will also be throwing photography and jewelry pieces into the mix from time to time.

I spent a significant part of my growing up in countries that seemed to love bold, vibrant colors as much as I do- and this continues to have a huge impact on my work today. I was forever doodling on the sides of my notebooks in school (yes, I was one of those students) and if I’m forced into a boring environment as an adult, the drawing pencils still have a habit of making an appearance.

I received my first degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Houghton College in 2007 and will be grateful for the lessons working in healthcare taught me. However, after ten years of working with the elderly as an activities provider, I found myself craving a creative outlet. So back to school I went. I got my second degree in Graphic Design from American InterContinental University in 2014 and have loved the challenges and victories that have come since then.

What’s happening now? I’m a fashion clothing provider by evening and night (read: retail and loving it) and a freelance designer by day…and sometimes later night. Check out the sidebar entitled “Work for You” to see a full gambit of what I am capable of.

In my design work, I have collaborated with individuals as well as companies and am quite comfortable with frank communication to determine the needs of my client. I am looking forward to working with you on your “Next Big Thing”! Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me!