Basic Charge: Design projects have a basic charge of $15 per hour, with a $45 minimum. Anything beyond the initial 3 hours will accrue an additional $10 per hour.

Upfront Fee: $15 of the minimum fee is required before any design work begins. This lets me know you are in earnest and this $15 will, of course, be deducted from the final fee.

Printing: If you would like me to do the printing for you, please be advised that the entirety of the printing cost will be added to the estimated fee. I use a local printer who does wonderful work, however I am perfectly happy if you’d rather do the printing on your own and can send you your design in whatever format you’d prefer. Should you choose to have me get your design produced and shipped, contact me for time and cost estimates.

Revisions: Your estimated cost that I will give you covers revisions of color, typography, layout, and illustrations (provided it is of the same subject that is agreed upon. If you tell me you want a baby shower invitation and then decide mid-process that you’d like a personal license plate instead, we may need to discuss a secondary project) made during the initial design process. Once you approve the final design and it is sent to you and/or the printer, I consider that project complete. I am happy to do future revisions to the same project should you need it, but that will be viewed as a new design.

Questions about pricing, the design process, or payment options? Please contact me!